Friday, September 26, 2008

How I feel about the White Sox....Part 1 of X

So I'm a Cubs fan, (REALLY? No...Get outta here). Yes really. Cubs and Sox fans have a very interesting relationship with one another. Currently it seems the Sox are living in the Cubs shadow, and not just because of the last two years. The Sox had a good run through 2006, post World Series, but since the sox have shown that they're not nearly as good as 2005 would indicate, they're back to being the second team in the Second City. Sox fans, hate that. It's rather funny, back in '05, a few friends of mine and I went out for a friend's b-day party at a bar, with the Sox WS Game on. At one point, I leaned over to my wife and commented "It's funny. Half the 'Sox' stuff in here smells like mothballs, and the other half still has the tag hanging off it."

Now, I know there are die-hardsout there who watched/went to games through thick and thin. I know that - this isn't directed at you, so please put down your pitchforks...But where were all you folks before July of '05?? Seriously...

I was probably too young to remember when Wrigley started filling up day after day, and maybe, just maybe, the same thing happened back in the 80's with Cubs fans. I just don't know. It just seems to me that all of a sudden, everyone's a Sox fan. Well fine - you'r4e a bandwagon jumper. Good for you.

You've been such a big fan for a minute now..

P.S. - Once again - if your rooted for the Sox or at least knew the usual starting lineup prior to 2005, this is not directed at you.

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