Monday, September 29, 2008

Bracket Challenge

So, has this bracket challenge and while I know zilcho about the AL, here are my picks -
Divisional -
Brew/Phil - Phil in 4. This is to account for 1 Sabathia game.
Cubs/Dodgers - Cubs in 3. As much as ESPN hates the Cubs and despite John Kruk's prediction that the no-no completely screwed Zambrano, I think he steps up. This is OUR series boys.
Rays/Twins or Sox - Rays in 3 - Doesn't matter who wins that crappy AL Central, they really have no place here...
BoSox/Angels - Angels in 4 This one's a tough call, but I figure BoSox can scrap one win before going away and leaving us all in peace. Beckett's injury doesn't help.

Cubs/Phil - Cubs in 6. While the Cubs have home field advantage, I don't see them beating the Phils more than once at home, so I'm banking on Dempster and Z shutting them down here, winning one on the road of the three, then winning once more at home. If it goes to game 7, I'll poop.

Angels/Rays - I think this is where the Rays fold. I've got the Angels in 5, thinking the Rays can manage one win. But mostly I think the Angels offense, pitching and closer are just too much for the Baby Rays.

World Series -

This is mostly a vanity pick. I've got the Cubs in 6. How this is all gonna play out, I have no idea, but I have to believe that this is the best Cubs team in decades and if it ain't won this year, I'm not sure how many other chances we get. So, this one is a complete flyer judging from the facts, but there ya go...

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