Sunday, September 7, 2008

I hear your sister's going out with...

...Ronny Cedeno.

Ok, let's say it. The little Bee-otch lost the game. Although the writing was on the wall when Edmunds committed that dumb schmuck error to start the inning. Woody can't close if his defense doesn't do the job. I don't have the numbers here, but Wood's become a second Zambrano - when a error is committed, he completely loses it. Like "Hey, it's not MY fault he dropped the ball. Oh well, screw it."

Such a ridiculous loss, it boggles the mind. I got a dollar that sayus if Marmol is closing, this game looks different. Now I'm not calling for Marmol to close - Wood's done a passable job, but can we not soak our drawers when someone screws up?

Bottom line is Little B#$%^ needs to make that play. Worst case, it's a 1-run game.

But then I guess every team needs a Rickie Weeks. Shoulda traded him while he had value. Now he doesn't even have a minute.

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