Monday, September 22, 2008

Win today...

No, not today, today.

The one mistake Lou made last October, was a lack of "Win today" mentality. In Game 1, Z was unhittable, and yet Lou pulled him in favor of Marmol, so that Z could come back on short rest in Game 4. Only problem was - there was no Game 4. And Marmol who was as lights out last year as he was this year, got lit up for a Chris Young HR which ended up being the game winner.

In October, there is no tomorrow. No Game other than the one you're playing now. It's like a soldier holding down a fort, but saving ammo for when reinforcements arrive tomorrow. If 200 guys are charging you, USE THE DAMN AMMO!!!

At the point in the game last year, the D-Backs were so happy there was someone on the mound other than Z, it could've been Cy Young himself and they'd have felt on top of the world.

Lesson to be learned - if your starter is mowing them down like a tommy gun at a peace rally, leave him in. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Don't hold back. Kick them while they're down, burn them and then piss on the ashes.

Or there will be no more minutes...

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