Monday, September 29, 2008


"For people to say that this team is built for the World Series and if it doesn't win the World Series, it's not a successful year, I just don't buy that."

So, Lou's a great manager - one of the best - but yeah Lou, uou better freakin' buy it!! Yes the team's played well during the regular season. Good for them. But to say that anything less than a World Series title is a success? Um, actually NO! Are you serious??

Finish the job Lou. Don't tell the home owner that you built four whole walls, and no roof, buy hey you got walls, so what's the problem? That's pure unadulterated BullS#$. That's just damn wrong. Anything less than the World Series is failure. This is why they talk about 100 years of failure.

Interesting fact - the Cubs, as a franchise, have never been below .500 in total wins. Not once. Ever. And yet they're talking about a century of failure. Why, Lou, do you think that is? It's because we have nothing to freaking show for it!! Just an interesting little footnote in the baseball almanac, about 700 pages past the list of World Series winners.

You know what second place is? First Losers! - I wish I could remember what movie that was from. But it's all too true. We don't want to be first losers. So suck it up, realize this means something. Realize that you have failed otherwise.

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Wendell said...

I actually think deep down he realizes that. Just doesn't want to get caught up in all they hype. Yeah they haven't won in 100 years but the current players have nothing to do with that. I do agree though. You gotta win.