Saturday, September 13, 2008

Astros at Home in Milwaukee??

So a report on names Miller Park as a possible location for the3 postponed games over this weekend - [pout]Stupid hurricanes[/pout].

Ok so first of all, if you're going to Miller Park, ya may as well just go to Wrigley. Either fans are drive 90 min to Miller, or fight traffic for 90 min trying to find parking at Wrigley. 6 of one half dozen of the other ya know.

Second, if you're a Milwaukee baseball fan going to the game - who do you root for? The Cubs, thereby pushing the Astros back in the Wildcard, or the Astros, giving the Brewers a boost toward the division title, but closing the gap to the Brewers in the Wildcard race. My vote - root root root for the Cubbies. A division title is becoming less and less likely as the season progresses, but at least if the Stros lose, the Brewers are still safe in the Wildcard. Unless of course they drop their kibble to the Phils, and they take over the wildcard lead...

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