Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ron, Ron, Ron...

So it's the 5th inning. Z's dealin'. Pence is up. With two outs, Zambrano drills him in the back on a 2-2 count (I think). Which stunning analysis do you think Ronny offered? I'll make it multiple choice:

A. That was a slider that just got away from him. You hate to see that with a 2 strike count. Zambrano just needs to buckle down and focus on this next batter and not let this get in the way or break his concentration.

B. Aww, that's just too bad. With two outs, only a pick-off play or a caught stealing will allow Zambrano to potentially finish this game having faced the minimum number of batters for the game. You hate to see it, but it happens.

C. He didnt want to do that. Wow. Gosh...ooohhh...He didn't wanna do that right there. Ahh.

I'll give you one guess as long as it isn't A or B.

What a schmuck...

He doesn't deserve a minute and his 15 are up. Now he owes interest.

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