Friday, September 26, 2008


Boy...those Mets fans sure were excited to beat our minor league team. woo-hoo. Are the Mets really that sad? Well, yeah. I guess so. Man just seeing some of those fan closeups during the series - those are some PO'ed more po'ed than normal New Yorkers. I guess a crappy bullpen will do that to ya.

And speaking of which - our bullpen hasn't been all that wonderful of late. Gaudin, Samardzija, Howry. None of them are really blowing my skirt up these days.

The Hoff had a great day. Gotta love that. Great enough for a playoff spot? Eeeeeeehhhh...that's still TBD. But it sure was a good start.

Now all that needs to be done is b-slap the Boo-hoo crew once more so we get the "Lay-zin' Mets" in round 1, and we're golden. Not to mention, I'd sure like th eopportunity to beat that fat bee-otch one last time...

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