Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ESPN Gripe...

Here's my biggest gripe with ESPN...and there are many BTW. But still...

So the Red Sox/Rays game goes 14 innings, well beyond the 3 hours slotted in the schedule for the game, and ends at 11:12PM. Ok, so BBTN was scheduled to start at 11:00. No big deal...But NO!

Frickin' Sportscenter. This ALWAYS happens...This is a show, that tomorrow from midnight to midnight on Thursday will run _14_ times. Yes FOURTEEN. Twice the show is 1/5 hrs. The others are 1 hour. So that's 15 hours of 24 they're showing Sportscenter. and YET. They preempt BBTN which runs, maybe 10 times in a WEEK for sportscenter. Really? I mean REALLY? C'mon people! out of the 15 hours of sportscenter, can we skip just ONE? that's 63% of the day you're running sportcenter. yes, that's right SIXTY THREE percent. can you please take 1 fifteenth of that and run BBTN? Is it really that hard? Is there THAT much thought involved that this almost kinda sorta makes just a TEENSY WEENSY bit of sense?

14 times!!!! In 1-24 hour day. that is just freakin' ridiculous.

Oh, and By the way, they skipped over BBTN at 9 b/c of the game too. That's just stupidity in it's purest, unadulturated form. All I want, to close out my night, is the 30 seconds of analysis you'll give the Cubs in between the 49 minutes of Yankees and Red Sox coverage. Is that too much to ask?

There's another minute, which is by the way, 60 second more than you'll see of BBTN tonight.

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