Sunday, September 14, 2008


As a friend of mine aptly put it -

"The games been over for a good minute or two....WHERE IS YOUR POST????"

Hey man, I had phone calls to make and txt's to send and a kid to put to bed...

Wow. History. Yes, my 23 month old son stayed up for this. Yes my wife, son and I were glued to the TV. Yes, I watched/listened to the entire game. No, I did not go. But I was very tempted...If I'd well...

What a game. It's funny. This is not even close to the first time the Cubs and Zambrano flirted with a no-no. This season alone I remember prolly three or four that took it into the 6th, 7th, or 8th. But to go all the way - after being out for almost two weeks with "dead arm"/tendinitis. Ho-ly-frickin'-crap dude. I was shaking by the end. I jumped up at the end. There's only so mush you can say about a game like this. Z was battling the Astros - yes, the Kerry Wood 20 K Astros. He was also battling a crappy home plate umpire. There were MANY missed calls tonight. End of the day, you can't complain.

I think deep down, mostly everyone knew Z would throw a no-no. It seemed to be only a matter of time. So here's the real question - What are you nay-sayers saying now? I'll admit, I was leery. I have an earlier post saying "Harden and Z are out? WTF is going on here??" or something like that. I was nervous, sure.

Tonight was another remarkable accomplishment in a long season of remarkable accomplishments. It's history. I watched it. I'll tell my kids and grandkids about it.Do I think this is the clincher? That the Cubs are going to win the World Series? Do I think they're a lock now? Do I think this is the tipping point? That it's all the way to a ticker tape parade?

Hell Freakin' No.

Still got a lot of work to do boys. get a cookie tonight.

Z - You get two minutes tonight. Now get back to work!!



Anonymous said...

Blog is great except for the last six lines or so. Just be a damn fan. Who in the majors can beat this team in a seven game series. Yes anything can happen, but 7.5 games ahead this late in the season, you have to stand up and say yes I do think the CUBS can win it all. Unless you are actually part of the team just enjoy this remarkable season.

MGb said...

Hey don't get me wrong there Bubbles, I am a fan. Die hard. I appreciate the nice words about the blog. But at the end of the day, if the Cubs repeat their sparkling performance from last post season, this game tonight is a framed photograph at best. But, it ain't a Parade.

I said earlier, I'm all in. I believe this team is
A. The best Cubs team put together in DECADES, and
B. THE team to beat in the NL, East, Central and [snicker] West, and
C. World Series bound.

Having said that - you don't get a ring for a no hitter. You get a big party on the mound, then you get to pitch again in five days. If the Cubs want the ring, the parade, etc., there's still a lot of work to do.