Friday, September 26, 2008

How I feel about the Sox Part 4 of X

So do you root for the Cubs and whoever palys the Sox then MGb. I KNOW you do.

Nope. I don't even watch the Sox. Don't care enough. Admittedly, I do giggle a bit when I hear they lost. But only because it might shut the Sox fans up for a day. And the end of this season, losing 3 to the Twinkies. That makes me giggle. Even if the Sox get in, they don't get past game 4. Not with those old guys hustling down the lines with their walkers. Watching Jermaine Dye and Griffey side by side int he outfield makes me sad. You can hear the creaking joints in the upper deck.

But do I root root root for the Tigers? No. I don't care enough. The only time I root against the Sox is when they play the Cubs. Then F%^& 'em. But even then, I'm not rooting against the Sox, I'm rooting for the Cubs.

I am a LITTLE bitter that they got Steve Stone - Hey Sockies - straight up trade - Santo for Stone! Think about it for a minute.

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