Tuesday, September 2, 2008

D.P. Lee needs a nap.

I'm starting to think maybe Lee should get tucked in for a couple of games and get some sleepy time. Now some would argue that the reason Lee's hitting into so many double plays is because people keep getting on base in front of him. That may be. So try putting the ball in the air in those situations. Of course this is coming the day after he tried that strategy and ended the game, so maybe I don't have a leg to stand on. 1 out, bottom of the 8th and bases loaded - you gotta do something there bud. Just go ahead and curl up with your Teddy bear. We'll wake you when we get to Cincy.

Day two of "The Hoff's" benching. Seriously Daryle Ward?? Have you not been paying attention this season? Last year Soto made the post season roster based solely on the fact that he demonstrated he could play in September. It's the Hoff's turn. Maybe the Hoff gets a crack at first tomorrow? We'll see.

Meantime, D.P. Lee's hitting everything in sight - to the opponents' shortstops. And Ramirez forgot how to catch after the 8th tonight. I hate when that happens. Meanwhile Bomb Howry's been pretty much doing what we expect Howry to do at this point..4 runs without retiring a man...And Z better get his poop together cuz this is just getting silly.

That probably should've been a minute, but it's been ruled an error on Ramirez...

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