Friday, September 26, 2008

How I feel about the Sox Part 2 of X

Do I hate the Sox? No. Do I hate Sox fans? No. Do Sox fans hate me? It would seem so. Once, while out hiking, I ran into a guy on a bike who was having some trouble or another. So I elped him out. Had some duct tape in my bag, so I let him use it. as he rode off, I heard him say "Never thought I'd see the day when a Cubs fan would help a Sox fan" or something like that.

Are you kidding?? I would hope that if I were ever hit by a car on the Southside and btroke my leg, I would not have to wait for a friggin' Cubs fan to come along and drag me to the side of the road. I know I wouldn't refuse help to a Sox fan.'s just baseball. And most years, it's not even good baseball...relax.

There are folks who will claim that after every game Cubs fans are in the faces of Sox fans. And Vice versa. You know what my experience has been? Whoever won that day is in the faces of whoever lost. Because whoever lost has no leg to stand on. And by the way that's all anyone has ever seen, because for a fan of the losing team to get in the face of the winner is just plain freakin' dumb.

BTW: Half my family is Sox fans - you know how many of them I called after the Cubs won the divison last year after the Sox pulled up lame? Not even one. Why? Because I'm not an A-Hole. Not about this. It only lasts one game, then tomorrow they'll be calling me when the Sox kick the Cubs' brains in. No thanks.

So I'll tell ya what Cubs fans and Sox fans - get over yourselves. Your team is not that important, and you sure as hell aren't either. Not even for a minute....

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