Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hey Chicago Whaddaya say?

The Cubs are gonna clinch today!

Exciting game. Now, I haven't paid any attention to the Cardinals lately - why would I? but with Ankiel and Molina on the Bench, you send Aarom Miles to pinch hit? Ummmm....ok....

Sucks - Gameday didn't have any video highlights for this one. There were a few plays I wanted to see, but oh well. Bottom line - clear your calendars from October folks - it's gonna be a fun month!

There IS one more team to watch for a few more games...The Mets.

The answer for yesterday's question. The Number 4 is the magic number to clinch home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. It is, BTW, now 3.

Party on Cubs fans! There's more work to do, no doubt, but for now, it's Miller Time! At least for a minute or two...

P.S. Eat it Cardinals, does it taste?

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